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Isobela Lugosi

Isobel, 20, uk.

Horror Model!

things i love:
my other half, hannah isted, david bowie, rob zombie, danzig, marilyn manson, the doors, clutch, H.I.M, jefferson airplane, blondie, black sabbath, amy winehouse, aerosmith, serj tankian, ACDC, drive by truckers, tom waits, down, pixies, bjork, nouvelle vague, lynyrd syknyrd, south park, the walking dead, true blood, breaking bad, naked people, mayo, dita, burlesque, dreadlocks, lipstick, HORROR

I sing in a band, called Cantarella
Feb 12 '14

Follow me on instagram for hot babes in lingerie ;););)

No but seriously follow me on IG.


Feb 3 '14

Argh i forgot how annoying it was to wash your hair when you have dreadlocks.

Especially when they are about 16 inches long!
So heavy.
So wet.

Tags: dreadlocks
Feb 2 '14


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Jan 26 '14

I’ve been making dreads all day

And now i have blisters but hopefully i can finish them tomorrow.
Don’t half a head!!

Going to have them for a couple of days as my scalp is too itchy for them in the winter but i’ll try again when the weather gets better!

Jan 22 '14

I forgot about tumblr

hello i’m ill.

Go follow me on instagram i will follow back if you post rad shit.


Jan 6 '14

To the anon from uni who sent me that ask…

I am not answering that over here that is not my business to be discussing on the Internet.

Jan 5 '14
Jan 5 '14

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Jan 4 '14

Anonymous asked:

I listened to your band's soundcloud. Wow. You're a really good rock singer. Is being in a band something you'd like to do in the future as well? You should!

Aw thanks! Yeah if I could make a living off of it that would be the dream really!

Jan 4 '14

Anonymous asked:

Don't you like reading? Do you like writing?

I like reading if it interests me.. It has to really grab my attention, i get headaches. I like writing when I want to write as apposed to having to write. I write songs so that counts x

Jan 2 '14

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Jan 2 '14

Anonymous asked:

Would you say you're an academic person?

No not particularly, I’d say academic people enjoy things like reading intellectual books and writing essays, but that’s not for me.

Dec 29 '13

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Dec 29 '13

I have minus lots of money and i have to pay my rent and i want a tattoo

i wish i could just put my rent on hold and be like- sorry landlady but i’m going to be rich one day you can have your money then!!

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Dec 29 '13